Welcome to the WesternU AMCP Health Helper!

The AMCP Health Helper website was established in 2020 by the Research and Education Committee of the WesternU AMCP Student Chapter. Our goal is to empower patients to take control of their health by providing patients resources ranging from flyers about common diseases to links to useful healthcare websites.

Make sure to visit www.amcpwesternu.weebly.com for more information about our WesternU AMCP Student Chapter

Thank you for joining our movement and signing the pledge to take the COVID-19 vaccine! 

Research and Education Committee Members


Andrew Pham

Laurin Randle

Dia Cabrera

Shaun Castillo

Phoebe Wu


Mallory Lu (Website Founder)

Jeremy Barahona

Christine Kim

Jeremiah Sabocor

Crystal Lao